Giant Crater Is Completely Filled in by Dedicated Fortnite Fans



Goodbye, Dusty Divot.

A courageous team of 17 Fortnite players fully covered Dusty Divot and the newly added crater to restore the area to its former glory.

The biggest change to Season 4 came when the meteor destroyed Dusty Depot and added a giant crater and Dusty Divot to the map. The goal of this ambitious project was to completely seal in that crater by simply building a flat floor across the huge hole. After assembling a team of 17 players, the group joined a game and started building from the north side. After placing over 2,500 floor segments and making use of over 25,000 resources, the crater was no more.

Reddit user MessyIndiana rounded up some of the finer details of the operation. YouTube user Muselk started the daunting task and players watching his stream joined in to help. It took several attempts of collecting resources and surviving against enemy players, but the goal was finally reached.

Because this was all done during a regular Fortnite match, some players were set up as guards to defend the east, west, and south sides of the crater to stop anyone from impeding progress. Towards the end of construction, enemies became more common but the massive structure was ultimately finished before the storm rolled in.

Fortnite introduced Season 4 earlier this week and added in a variety of new outfits and emotes. You can complete every Week 1 challenge with our tips page here. For more on Fortnite secrets and updates, be sure to visit IGN’s Fortnite wiki.

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